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Ati Has A New Card To Compete Wit 6800 Ultra


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X800XT was already the best card, X850XT is only a slight boost in clock and memory speeds. The one that looks really promising is the X850XL-similar clock speeds, pipelines, and 256MB RAM as a 6800GT has for MSRP $350.

True! But this is basically an X800 with PS 3.0 support, just to shut up the Nvidia fanboys i suspect :)


i'm sorry but how can anyone like the look of this card? It looks like the dreaded fx 5800 ultra which was as quiet as concorde. Maybe ati should look at making this card more visually appealing before they release it.


Personally i like the x800 and late 9800's look. Sleek. Basic

Sorry bud, but your views on video cards are way off...It's not something you sit and look at for hours on end. That is not it's function. Im with the other guys when i say, i prefer performance over looks thanx ;)

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