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Motherboard Grounding?

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I got my Tsunami Dream case today. After hooking everything up, hitting the power switch results in a "bzzt" sound with a blue spark flashing across the motherboard. I used the standoffs and everything like you're supposed to.


What is most likely the problem? Does it sound like the motherboard grounding out? No fans or anything happens, just the sound and the spark.

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Yes, it's the same PSU, Thermaltake 480w butterfly. I can clearly see where the spark goes, it flashes right around the CPU area, not the PSU. No burned smells, smoke or anything, and I could reset the PSU and it would spark again when I hit the power switch.


I think it's grounding somewhere and tripping the PSU's protection.


I am in the process of tearing the system down and putting it back together, and I'm using different standoffs and screws.

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