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Hl2: Sdk


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I was wondering if anyone has installed the HL2: SDK, and also if those that installed it have checked it out yet?


I've done skinning for games before, but never map creation because I didn't really have the patience to learn it...same with modelling. Thus, I haven't installed the SDK, but I'd like to check it out I think. If you installed it, how much space does it take up? If you're not sure, you can go to your Valve folder and check the size of the *.gcf file (this would only be an estimate, as other stuff may be installed elsewhere, but it gives a pretty good reading). Also, how easy is it to use? If you wanna rate it's usability based on experience level (n00b, novice, pro, etc) go right ahead. I've always hoped for an FPS map editor as easy to use as RTS map editors like for Starcraft...sort of like a WYSIWYG map editor. heh.


I'm guessing the SDK is not only for mapping though, so anything else you can tell us in detail would be good....like do we have to know RL physics? ;)...do you use it for character modeling as well?...etc etc.


Thanks a bunch!


Now to go test out HL2:DM :ph34r:

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