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[for Sale]asus K8v Motherboard


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i have an Asus K8v mobo for sale


what u get:


the mobo

s-ata power cable

usb 2.0 ports (x4)

packet of s-ata connectors

black IDE cables

floppy cables

zalman brackets

i/o plate


Supported CPU: Socket 754 for AMD Athlon 64 Processors

Chipset: VIA K8T800 + VT8237

FSB: Hyper Transport

RAM: 3x DIMM for DDR400/333/266 Max 3GB

IDE: 3x ATA 133(1 from Promise 20378) up to 6 Devices

Slots: 1x AGP 8X, 5x PCI,

Ports: 2xPS2,1xCOM,1xLPT,8xUSB2.0(rear 4),1xLAN,2x1394(rear 1),SPDIF Out,Audio Ports

Onboard Audio: AD1980 6-Channel audio CODEC

Onboard LAN: Marvell GbE

Onboard SATA/RAID: VT8237, 2xSATA, RAID 0/1; Promise R20378, 2x SATA, RAID 0/1/0+1

Onboard 1394: VIA VT6307, 2 Ports

Form Factor: ATX


all boxed, packaged.


shipping will be around

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