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Just Got A Ton Of Software


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The University i goto just gave me a whole bunch of software for "free". the tuition im paying more than makes up for this "free" software


Anyways I got:


WindowXP Pro

Office Xp

Front Page 2002

Visio Pro 2002

Project 2002

VisualStudio 2003

msdn Library

Windows 2000.



I'm a little disapointed that most of the stuff is 2002, but hey whacha gonna do.


now i have a question


1. How much is this Probably worth

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heheh.. i got accepted to my college i applied to.. so my corses require


novel netware 6


mac OS X server

windows 2000 and 2003 server

IBM somthin

office 2003 pro

xp pro

Orical stuff


well.. its all free :) well.. the tuition is ahh.. expensive.. maybe thats why

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Unfortunatly ebay will remove any software and software licenses if the picture or anything hints to not being legit. IE. Saying it is university software, that there is no COA, or any such.


I know it happened to me. Putting up a dell OEM windows 98 disk sealed, with license. They just don't take it.

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