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Squid Proxy Server 2.5 Stable5


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I downloaded this version of squid ages ago and have just recently got a machine that i can use as a proxy server.


i have put red hat 9 linux on and i am having real trouble installing this thing.


I will take you through step by step what i did so that you can tell me if anything i do is wrong.


1. With the file in my home directory i type tar zxvf squid-2.5.STABLE.tar.gz and the files uncompress into a folder.

2. I then do an ls and cd to the folder into which the files uncompressed

3. Then i do a ./configure and i get this:


creating cache ./config.cache

checking for a BSD compatible install... /usr/bin/install -c

checking whether build environment is sane... yes

checking for mawk... no

checking for gawk... gawk

checking whether make sets ${MAKE}... yes

checking whether to enable maintainer-specific portions of Makefiles... no

checking for gcc... no

checking for cc... no

configure: error: no acceptable cc found in $PATH


Now i am kinda assuming that the error bit isn't good.


I also tried to run make, make all, make install after this and it wasn't having it.


If you need any more information please say and i will do my best to post it for you. Help with this would be much appreicated.



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Hmm.. seems like the $PATH statement is not set correctly. Also, you might want to take into account that environment variables in an xwindows console and a regular text console are different.


Before we get too complicated here, go to an xterm console and type 'cc' and see if the c compiler runs. Also, do the same with 'gcc' and see if -it- runs. If not under xwindows, then do this under another console. (ctrl-alt-F1 through F9, F7 being the x console.)


If cc or gcc is not installed, which I -highly- doubt, we will work on your $PATH statement changes, aight? (you should find a gcc or cc RPM with google.....)


(oh... cc is C Compiler, and gcc is GNU C complier... it sems that either/or should work if the other doesnt... dig it?)

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As posted before, your X console isnt your only choice. It -typically- resides on console 7. (ctrl-alt-F7) .. Now if you would like to go to traditional linux, switch consoles. ie: ctrl-alt-F1. ii typically boot to runlevel 3, which is all text, and i have to start X by hand...


At first glance, this is not really usefull unless you can multitask very well. I jump through consoles like there is no tomorrow, so you will get the hang of it.... Now, if you notice, there is little to no difference between an X terminal window, and a text-based console, however there are differences on how they operate. Currently, I am doing my research on the subject for you before I try to start spouting of some of the more specific console differances, so just trust me for a sec .. :) But for the most part, you will be able to do anything you want in any type of console or terminal window...


Also, you need to see if you installed cc or gcc... I have never had an install of linux that didnt atleast have cc installed... Even better, install the RPM. http://rpm.pbone.net has it... (do an advanced search and you can select your distro..)

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1. download tar.gz or RPM that you want to install

2. ctrl-alt-f1

3. login as root

4. type 'cc'

5. type 'gcc'

6. if both of those produce command not found, download cc or gcc RPM's. (i goto http://rpm.pbone.net to get rpms that i need..)

7. <if RPM> rpm -i <rpm.name> will install rpms..)

8. <if tar.gz> change directory to the tar that you want to install

8.1. tar -zxvf <tar.gz application name>

8.2. cd <untar'd directory>

8.3. ./configure && make && make install

9. if you are still getting the cc or gcc not found error let me know.

10. ctrl-alt-f7 will get you back to X

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