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A Few Things I've Noticed...


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OK. In the last few weeks I've noticed a few things about this site that I guess were included in the latest updates. I think they're kinda cool, and I bet not everyone has seen 'em so this is me sayin' good job to LP and the rest of you mods.


First of all, in the Members section, if you are not logged in you can't see the politics forum. Good idea, we don't want to scare away anyone or give them the wrong impression about these forums until they join. ;)


And the seccond is that when you log out, the colors fade to greyscale, just like when you log out of XP. I thinks thats an interesting, catchy little tid bit thats cool. B)


Now I doubt too many members know about these, as they probally arn't logging off often or coming to this site on other computers, but I just wanted to bring some attention to them because I think they're pretty cool. By the way, when are the next updates coming? (And when are we gonna decide on a new name?)

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