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My First Case Mod [suggestions]

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First off, hi everyone.


Anyways, I've recently been foraging around different OC sites for ideas for my case.

It's (my case) all white as well as my moniter and my keyboard. Well, that's just too plain for me.

I was thinking about painting the moniter black and just buying a new keyboard (I want it black too but if I painted it I wouldn't be able to see the letters).


Now for the case, I'm not sure if this would be too dificult for a n00b or too extravagant (not likely...*points to Half Life 2 mod*).


I want to paint it all black with some red accents. Paint the chasis (I think that's what it's called, the part that holds all the insides) black or red. Then cut a window in the side that looks like a flame. Then put a red neon fan in the middle of the window with a chinese dragon grill over it. And of course I'll throw some neon rods and such in the case.


Does that sound good? My mom wants me to be really descriptive this year with my Christmas list. Last year I was a little vague, I didn't want to ask for too much.



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