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What Is The Best Memory For My K8n-e Rig?

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I'm geting a new PC to star overclocking, it's gonna be something like this:

Athlon 3700+ (sock 754, but it's the best bang for the buck I think)

Asus K8N-E (gotta love asus )

A modied Aquarius III

and everythig else


The problem is that i;m having trouble finding any revew on what memory to use, and the Asus site isin't helping.


if any one can help me on finding soem high end mem for the rig.....


thabk you!!!!!

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Tanks, I'll look into that memory.

What water cooling kit wold you recommend, Kamikaze_Badger???

The idea for mods to the aquaius are basically the ones that Hardnrg passed, just with a bit more radiator, and zalman water blocks for the cpu and the video card.


I'm totally new to OCCing, and water cooling, so I'am tankful for any help!

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Kamikaze, I'm going with the Aquarius because I want a external-based water cooler, first because i don't mush like rads incide my case, and second because I prefer midtowers, and there wold be some space problem.

Anyway, tanks for the imput.


P.S. Sorry for the bad inglish, it's not my primary language.

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