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Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock....dang This Is A Long Wu!


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ok so i just upgraded my pc to an Athlon64 3500+ and overclocked it to 2.42 Ghz.

well i reinstalled F@H and this WU i got is taking forever like it is going on 3 days now for one WU. i am starting to wonder, weather something is wrong and its being slow. i checked the task manager several times and it says the cpu is running at 100%. i never had to wait this long for a work unit on my Athlonxp 2800+ i could do 300pt WU in about a day. so now i have been sitting at just under 9000 for a week now and its getting annoying seeing everyone and their uncle pass me like i am doing 25 on the interstate. has anyone had this happen or expirenced it when they upgraded.

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[23:02:47] Folding@Home Gromacs Core

[23:02:47] Version 1.70 (October 24, 2004)


[23:02:47] Preparing to commence simulation

[23:02:47] - Looking at optimizations...

[23:02:47] - Files status OK

[23:02:48] - Expanded 298280 -> 1815257 (decompressed 608.5 percent)


[23:02:48] Project: 1405 (Run 36, Clone 75, Gen 0)


Pulled that from your log file. So you're working on a Gromacs, project 1405. Also, looking at your log file, I see it is taking about 25 minutes for one step.


Going to the Stanford Project Summary page, I see that this is a huge Gromacs which is why it's worth 234 points.


Putting this all together and I say you're doing just fine. It is a big Gromacs worth a lot of points. Let it fold!!


EDIT: BTW, you can use a free utility, Electron Microscope to monitor your folding progress.

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