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Broken Cpu Chip

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NO NO NO. Bad info, soem of the pins on a CPU do nothing, and some do thins like temp monitoring. so if you only broke one there is a good chance the CPU will still work. As for repariing i think a PIII off ebay would cost about the same after shipping nad repair but the site was http://motherboardrepair.com/

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Help, i have an old PC here, and i broke a Intel Celeron 900MHz chip, only one pin is off, and i was wondering, can you still use the chip as it is??????





I live in China and anyone who repairs cell phones can repair a broken CPU pin, minimum is two pins. They repaired an AMD 64 3200 +. I have images if anyone is interested. Also the repair fee was $25.00 US. The reason for the minimum is because if you have more than two the recovery rate decreases. Also inner pins are usually a total lost, corners and outside row is always possible.


Try finding a Cel phone repair person in your area.



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