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How Should I Approach My Next Overclocking


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Amd fx53 @ 2436 mhz

OCZ pc4400 2.5 4 4 8 @ 2.5 3 3 7

Gigabyte 939 Nforce 3 ultra 250


For whatever reason I can't get it to boot up at 13X multi


I can't even pass htt @ 207-208 under prime 95 for stock ram settings and (posted at 213-215 htt and attempted windows boot) regardless of vcore (besides ram which it doesn't matter at this point)


So I'm thinking of changing the multi to 11X


and upping the htt to compensate for it, I think I've done it before and it hasn't worked but haven't posted it here, so I don't know what else I should do.


I've got the ttpipe101 with a (can't remember now tt or thermal right alien fan 4500-5500 rpm max cpu fan lapped 2000 grit step up style)


Does anyone have any suggestions.


Like should I up the htt beyond what it will post to, slowly of course ( i've heard reports of some motherboard being stable at 200-206 or so , unstable at 210-217 or so, and becoming stable again at higher htt like 220-230


But I've also heard these giga-bytes bite in oc'ing


I've got the ram to handle it, and with the lower multipler, and step up slowly I should be relatively safe. (taking the precautions of course)


Also with the giga-byte tool in windows I've been able to get it up to about 2520-2540 mhz before it crashes


I was just wondering if anyone had any info


like nuclear, you have this motherboard (or did at least), did you get past this with air cooling, and what direction should I head?


I mean if I can't get higher cpu mhz, I might as well try for better bandwith.


Thanx :)

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