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What Do You Think My Chances Are?


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Pre-Alg is SO easy(took that...7th grade), so it Alg 1(8th) Geomotry(9th) and Alg 2(10). Pre-Calc(11th, Junior) starts the hard stuff. I usually get math stuff pretty easy and have never had to study to pull off a A or B, but it is so much harder then anything else. Actually studying for a Math test sucks. Next year is Calc! Can't wait. I am also taking Ap Computer Science, fun but hard class. KB, you dont even have Mid-Terms or Finals yet...and how do you get a 18%? I doubt that you tried on a Test and got a 50%. Maybe you should stop flirting with girls or boys(lol) and pay attention! crap I feel like a parent now, I am sad now....


As for the inital question. At your pace, NONE!!!

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