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Koolance Pc3 Review

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Hey everyone, I just received a PC3-410BK from Koolance, and I thought I'd post my thoughts.


I wish Koolance used the aluminum version, because this thing weighs 40 pounds! :P


Construction is VERY solid (like a brick). The motherboard tray is nice when you first assemble the system, but is completely useless when you're trying to remove it with a loaded PC, plus you have to remove all add-on cards (PCI, AGP). The HDD trays are a good idea, and work fairly well. You can use 5 HDD's with 1/2" of room between each drive, plus two external 3.5" drives.


Because of the HDD rack, Koolance placed the reservoir and pumps up where the third fan used to go on top of the case, so now you only have two fans. In my opinion this makes filling the system easier since the water tank is on top now, but that's just me.


I didn't expect alot from this setup as far as the cooling was concerned, so the small diameter of the tubing didn't surprise me, but both pumps are just tiny, as is the reservoir. Radiator is fair size, and could probably be replaced with a dual 120mm version fairly easily.


My biggest complaint against this case is the weight. My aluminum Dragon fully loaded doesn't weigh nearly as much as this case unloaded. I suppose I'll get to really test out the PC Transpo that came with my new DFI mobo.


I will post temps and OC results when I get a chance.

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