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Building A New System, Comments Appreciated

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Hi guys,


I have finally decided on a what system I want and Im going AMD 64. I have paid close attention to detail to your recommedations and user opinions and whilst keeping at a budget I want a fairly advanced system. I have decided so far on the following and would like your opinions on how it should run with regards to the ever awaited and NOW released, HALF LIFE 2!


Antec TrueBlue 480W PSU

AMD Athlon 64 3400 Retail

DFI LanParty UT nF3

512MB Crucial Ballistix PC4000


I have already bought the Sunbeam Samurai Gaming ATX Case - Black (No PSU) which you can view here:




These are only the guts of the system, still got graphics card and sound card and speakers to go, then little bits and bobs like keyboard, lighting etc, but for graphics Im going for:


ATI Radeon X800 XT PE 256MB DDR3 VIVO TV-Out/DVI (AGP) - Retail


I kinda rushed the case and kinda have regrets getting it but might as well make do.......


Look forward to your comments



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lol, no worries! we *are* a minority here on OCC :D


*Predator* , where are you shopping for these bits?

Most likely from www.overclockers.co.uk........ I have compared prices on other UK sites and these guys seem to be best so far.....heard alot of good reports. :D

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