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New Comp, Old Idea Scratched


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ok so i was gona get a shuttle SN95G5, but now forget it its not worth the 320 for a case and mobo. So i decided on getting a nice


-3000+ a64 Winchester 90NM

-MSI Nforce 4 SLI Mobo (anyone know when this is coming out?)

-2, count em, 2 BFG 6800 GT's OC in SLI (WOOT!!!) found em for 399$ :)

-1GB PDP PC3200 w/ XBL (TCCD)

-160GB Western Digital IDE Hard Drive(have it)


basically thats all i need, as i have the case and dvd rom/rw and all that stuff, and i will be playing this on my new dell 2005FPW/2001FP (dont know yet, but gettin one for xmas)

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What kind of PSU will you be running? Those dual 6800gt's in SLI will suck up a LOT of power.


EDIT: about the MSI SLI mobo, hopefully within the next few weeks. They are estimated to cost between $150-200+

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