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Old Topic, Is This My Video Card Doing This?


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This was my post previously:


Hi all,

I am trying to make an older PC a little more stable for my kids.

I have had a problem with the computer kicking me out of certain games that require significant CPU/Video card usage (Star Wars Galaxy, Axis & Allies, World of Warcraft (beta) and Neverwinter Nights to name a few).... an error will occur once or twice when playing a game that will kick me back to the desktop and sometimes terminate the app, othertimes I can ALT-TAB back to the game, then after several of these occurrances the computer will reboot and it won't occur again for the duration of the day/night. Sometimes prior to the reboot the entire computer will lock up and it requires a hard reboot. After turning the computer on again the following day the same series of events occurs. This never seems to happen when running basic programs although every once in awhile it will happen when browsing the web.

I am not sure if this is the Mobo or the video card, any thoughts?


I have considered getting a new Mobo as the Soyo Dragon Ultra Platinum board has not gotten the best press since the initial raves about its performance several years ago, and now I guess Soyo realized the error of its ways and will no longer be making Mobos.


Anyway, here is the setup:

AMD XP 2200+

Soyo Dragon Ultra Platinum Board

512MB DDR PC333 RAM x 2 sticks (1GB total)

ATI Radeon 9700Pro Video Card

Nothing is overclocked on this setup.


Any suggestions or thoughts on the possible cause? Should I just get a new Mobo?

This has happened frequently over the past year, but usually after a reboot the system remains stable and does not have anymore problems.



So, suggestions that I could be overheating, so I cleaned all the dust out and it doesn't appear to be heat, any other ideas?


Well, dust doesn't appear to be the problem, got everything nice and clean.... and it still did it again tonite...

Any other suggestions?

I just updated the latest ATI drivers...

How can I tell if this is my mobo?

Thanks for the HELP!!

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You might also consider setting the RAM timings manually. I've seen boards that "find" different timings every boot and when they detect wrong and run them too tight, the machine crashes until at some point they detect properly during a boot sequence and then they are fine till the next time it detects the timings improperly.

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