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Can Any Uk Peoples Help Me Find A Couple Of Things

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I'm looking for the following somewhere in the UK:




.. uhm... how do I tell like what width between the pins I need? That seemed to fit perfectly on his LCD! http://www.myrolypoly.com/lcd_project/lcd_...cs/IMG_0635.jpg


Then I need..




Here's the blokes picture:



With that I don't mind if it's bigger than 14 pins or whatever, if it's bigger I will just hack it down.. so long as it fits the above connector all is good.


The distance between the holes is around 2.5mm on this PCB, if that helps... anyone know what these things are called? If I knew what they were called I would look for them!


EDIT: Alright, think I found one part ( the most important bit :D )


2.54mm 'pitch'.. I assume that means the width between each one? If so that's probably exactly what I am after...

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I tried Maplin (first infact) and they didn't have either things.


RS and Rapid have the .. pin headers (see my edit) on the right angle, but they don't have the.. block connector things :(


I found http://www.dubilier.co.uk/showproducts.asp...BCPHC1604AG1XXX which has the right angle thing and the block connector on there somewhere. I think they're the right things. Can't see how to order from there though, so I emailed them and I will see what they say :blink:


Need to find some resistors too apparently. Rargh! Don't wanna order those online somewhere else unless it's free shipping :)

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"error 'ASP 0115'


Unexpected error




A trappable error occurred in an external object. The script cannot continue running."


Good start :D Wonder how long it's been like that for! Poo!


EDIT: =====

Is there such thing as like.. a 2.8Ohm resistor? Apparently I need one for the backlight


(5 - 4.2) / 0.28 = 2.8 ish


But the spec sheet says the absolute maximum is something around 500 milliamps so..


(5 - 4.2) / 0.5 = 1.6



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I actually found a bunch of resistors on... rswww.com :D


There's 2r2, 2r4 and 2r7 ... so I got 10 of each of those just to make sure (dead cheap, don't let you order less than 10 anyway)


Then there's various 'pots', so I got like.. two different types of 100R and two different types of 10k. They're all 'Cermet' .. no clue what that means. I've currently got a 100R and 10k 15 turn (what does THAT mean?!?) and a 100R and 10k 1 turn. Which would be the better one?


15 turn ones:



1 turn ones:



I'm not an electronics wizz, so... forgive me for my stupid questions :D


The 1 turn ones look more like the ones the bloke uses in the picture so maybe I should just go with those? Although the 100R 1 turn is a little different, but the same sorta idea.

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cermet is the type of resistance material i believe... the number of turns is the number of times you can turn the "dial" round on a pot... the more turns, the greater the accuracy


maplin do resistors and pots...


and also they do the 0.1" Series Socket Housing to fit onto the pcb pins



there's a 17-way one (Maplin code: RK69A) and it looks to me like there are 16 pins on that picture...


bloody connection's timing out all over the place...



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