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Hl2 Mp


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Well it didnt take long for someone to find a way to add mp to the wonderful world of Half Life 2 B) i was browsing the news and i ran across that post about valve purposly releasing a warez version of HL2 to catch "warez monkeys" (Read Here) so for fun i started reading... only to catch a little note about HL2MP testing. Well after following the links and downloading the 2 test maps from HalfLife2Files.com and follwing there simple instructions to activate the mp code already embedded into HL2 i tested the maps. The sounds seem toned down quality wise and i found the visual a little hard to focus, but take into concideration that it is a beta test map, also found that some things where missing in the mp ( couldnt use scope with the crossbow or HEV suit ) anyways.. for those that are interested, here are some screens and a link to the download and instructions :D





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