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Great Oldie ,simply Needs Monitor


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hello peeps,

im currently running the pc i am selling.

these are the specs :


Fic motherboard,3sdram slots,4xagp,5xpci,1xisa

700mhz Celeron ,Stable overclocks to 872mhz

192mb pc Sd ram, 1x128pc133, 1x64pc100

2x 8GB hdd,seagate,and western digital

nVidia 16MB tnt2 agp4x interface

48X cd-rom ,forgot the brand :lol:

1.44mb floppy ,also forgot brand :lol:

fresh installed Xp Sp2 no proggs installed

this is the only generic thing, multimedia KB,scroll mouse,2 channel speakers


i would ship this via USPS 2nd day service once i receive payment.

i accept paypal,and money order.

price $100 shipped.


im going to move to a campus called job corps,(yes to better my future :D )

and i thought i'll sell this pc before im gone,so if you are interested leave a msg,



Edit :email is [email protected]

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He means

2x 8GB hdd,seagate,and western digital

w/ 2nd day shipping ,for 30




here are the new upgrades


instead of 2x8gb hdd's

now u get the following :

1x13GB Quantum Fireball,& 1x8GB seagate HDD


instead of 1x128MB pc133 & 1x64MB pc100 ...192MB TOTAL

now u get :

1x 128MB pc 133,& 1x 128MB pc 100 ...256MB TOTAL


and instead of 250W ATX power supply

u will get a 300W ATX power supply.


also if you are interested in a monitor i have a grat NEC CRT 14" .It has

a superb image quality,and real high brightness/contrast.

i would sell it for the shipping cost,so basicly its free.

(i say shipping is no more than $30)


i got all the upgrades from a friend,he is getting rid of pc stuff.

the price for the PC is now $90 w\2nd day Shipping USPS.

i doubt i'll drop more ,please help me out i must sell this pc.

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