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Occ Cs:s Match Now!


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...Come on quick to the Dedicated OCC server... We are playing De_dust and waiting join now...


X-fire: p8baller07



When: NOW 7:25pm PST 11/21/04

Where: PENDING..new server hosted by sandman

Password: overclock


Join in on the party!

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Another option is the Johnny5 server



No Cussing

No Porn Sprays

No trash talking... (I know I know...)


but if it gets more than 10 players on it, J5 members will probably fill it up... :lol:


but it would be cool to test it and see if it can handle Source. ;)

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i'd like to know the status as well and wanna thank sandman for hooking us all up :)


On a seperate note... anyone check the homepage quote today?! i'm friggin honored and a half! :P

that thing about passwords and toothbrushes??


anyways, thank you paranoid for hosting a server. Didn't quite work that well once we got a lot of players....and for some reason it crashed when para tried changing the map (para, you figure that out?)...but it's the thought that counts.


We moved to the same 24hr NYC server we used saturday night. As with last night, I was the first to enter the empty server, followed by some OCCers, and eventually random people started showing up. I dunno our total tally, but we had to have over 10 OCCers because Para's server reached 9 before we left and others joined us afterwards that weren't in that.


Anyways, I only stayed for two matches unfortunately. Here's the endgame screenies (I can't find the option to automatically take them...where is that?):





I happened to be watching as the bomb (planted by me :ph34r: )blew up in that last dust match, so there's some nice flames in the bkgd there ;)


Once again great fun.


gravy, j5 doesn't run CD in CS:S because CS:S doesn't support CD last time I checked....which is why you'll sometimes encounter gay speed hackers.

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Here you go kiddos: [2102 Networks] CS:Source Public


No rules. I'm hesitant to name it the OCC Public server as my customers may be using this too. Hopefully the fact that it is west coast isn't an issue for most of you - you should easily ping ~100 hopefully less from the East.

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