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ok im stuck please help. today my dad wakes me up and said your uncle needs your help his computer will not turn on. So I went up there and I tryed to turn it on, no luck. I Brought it back to my house and unpluged and re pluged the connections with the case to the mobo, no luck.I tryed unpluging the cdrom drive, the hdd and starting it no luck? When the power is on and the psu is on the monitor turns on, the mouse and keyboard light up (lazer mouse) And A light comes on the mobo.


The specs:


JUSTEC MODEM pci- (never used)


GF FX 5200

DDRAM 512MB256X2 OCZ PC3200V

HD 80GB|WD 7200RPM 8MB



IT runs on win xp

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Same thing happend to me when I fried my processor. I bought a new Proc and mobo, when I fired it up the only thing that lit up was the mobo light and the fans. I bought a new power supply and everything booted up fine.


I'd say its a bad power supply.

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