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Winchester 3000 Retail And K8n Neo2

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Anyone near a PC Club they have the 90 nm Winchester 3000 retail at $150,


Add to that an Nforce 3 MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum for $150 add a bit for tax...


$324 out the door...


I know you can get it cheaper online a few places, but not much less.


Now I have to face the wife in a few hours :ph34r:

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I got the combo online when the processor was $179. A week later it was $150. Oh well, that's the way it goes. I have yet to overclock it to the max as when I tried I corrupted both of my hard drives on the SATA 1/2. I have a RAID card coming in the mail for that - currently at 2ghz (225x9) - should be able to hit ~280x9 with my Ballistix. I had it at 270 without doing much tweaking with only my raptors on 3/4.

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