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Bios Settings?

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I'm still a little weary about changing too much too fast even though I've been reading alot of post here (including my initial "oc me", thanx guys).


I seem to have resolved my memory speed problem, (it was at 166 instead of 200). I locked the AGP/PCI in @ 66/33 in BIOS and set the DRAM speed to 400MHz (it was on auto). When I used the auto oc in my Asus P4C800E-D Bios, I had it at 5% to give me just under 3.6GHz and a bus speed of 210 (everything went up by 5% using the auto oc (cept AGP/PCI and memory which said 168MHz).

So I guess what I'm asking is this: Does it appear like I'm doing this right so far?

And...now that I've switched to "manual" instead of "Auto" OC, it's opened up stuff I don't really want to screw with before here from someone who knows what the optimal settings should be. I certainly don't want to fry anything like my $1000 CPU or $800 video card (Canadian funds :blink: )

If you need more detail, I'll post all the curent settings.


Sal out

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