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Occ Eye For The Noob Guy!

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OCC eye for the NOOB guy!



Well my father-in-law's PC (IBM 2187 18A Aptiva) presented with a few issues, random shutting down & sluggish performance... so it was Taz to the rescue, and owing to my affection for this superceded SS7 platform, I gave it 100% this is my story...


pic2.JPGpowered the almighty K6.JPG


System Specifications

K62-500 AFX 2.2v

IBM Pro263 Super Socket 7 (SiS 530 chipset)

64mb PC100 ram

Foxconn HsF combo

Quantum fireball 10 Gb HDD IDE

40x CD-rom (Lite-on/JVC)

Internal 56K (Realtek) modem


1.44 mg FDD (de-funct)

93.8w ATX PSU


O/S WinXP Pro


Well my first conclusion was overheating (OMG look @ that dust :P) sure enough system idle was @ 48c, both the case & the HsF were clogged with a vast collection of dust particles...




After a general clean up of the PSU, case & HsF, we moved onto the cooling equipment level/performance, adding two additional 80mm case fans (courtesy of former PSU's ;)) which required some wire modification r/t plugs and so forth...





Not to be over looked the standard fare IDE ribbon was slashed & rounded (EL-cheapo duct tape encasing :P) this was purely for case air flow dynamics, and not to be a show piece....




Looking at the almighty celcius factor, the EL-crap Foxconn HsF combo was swapped out (super socket 7 H/sinks were generally poor performers) for an nice aluminium Skt A Athlon H/sink powered by an industry standard 70mm fan, naturally the sink was lapped to a satisfactory degree & AS5 applied (this is OCC after all :P)




Next followed the wire management and all possible cabling was re-directed to allow for maximum air velocity within the case environment, while sleeving or wire wrap would have been the optimum, cable ties were sufficient for the task...




While most of us know that the SS7 platform isn't ideal for the WinXP environment, it will however (with sufficient memory) support it, though it will be rather sluggish... this in mind I wasn't expecting to find major speed boosts with a basic O/S clean up, disk defragmentation & virus/malware removal operation... but it all helps eh?


Lastly with a conservative OC of 10%, it was time to evaluate the 'make over' on this particular system, and I have to say... I'm rather pleased with the overall results :D here's a screenshot of the processor temps @ idle (20c ambient) as for the 1.44 mb FDD, it seems that this m/board has an appetite for them, so this was left well alone...






System Improvements

K62-500 AFX 2.2v @ 550Mhz

128mb PC100 ram

Athlon XP 1800 H/sink (lapped) & 70mm fan (AS5)

80mm case intake

80mm case exhaust

Rounded IDE cables

General wire management



While I could have made use of higher CFM fans, even illuminated accessories & blowholes, my window of opportunity was a mere 24 hrs. and those extra's while nice probally would've been overkill on such a project.


Any opinons?





icon14.gif I'd also like to thank Redhill Technology (Aus) for their assistance in sourcing an appropriate H/sink at such short notice.

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Taz you're my hero, kinda funny, I have almost that excact pc sitting right beside me in need of some attention, it's got a 400mhz K6-2, 20 gig hd, 256 pc133, and a speedy 10X cd burner...it's got rocker switches on the mobo to change the multi and FSB, I just need to find the manual to it so I know what to do

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I just need to find the manual to it so I know what to do

You should be able to find a downloadable user manual for your system on IBM's website (I found one for this system there & updated BIOS too ;)) :)


All the fsb/multi information I needed was on the m/board (fairly common practice), I don't see why yours would be any different :)


Thanks for the feedback guys :D

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nice job cleaning up that ole busted calculator ;) you can make a buisiness out of that u know :)



i got a friend of mine that has 2k3 enterprize on a k62 with 256mb's of ram and a 10 gig harddrive


ive had xp home on a pentium 233mhz with 128mb's of ram and a 120gb harddrive with a gig of cache ram LMAO






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