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Koolance Pc3-410bk

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Hey everyone, I've been looking at the new Koolance PC3-410BK case, which is a copy of a Chenming 602 series. I absolutely love the case because it has even more room than a Chieftec Dragon (Which is good for me!). The mobo tray seems a bit useless to me, but I like the rest. Anyhoo, I've heard than Koolance is ok for watercooling, but they're not super great, but I love the case, and I want to start with a basic kit in this case, without having to do any mods. Eventually I plan to mod it some by replacing the radiator, pump and fans, but for now I think it will satisfy me.


My question is this: Am I totally wrong in my thinking? I can get this case through a friend for about $145 USD, and then about $30 for the CPU-300 Waterblock. Would this be a good deal? I'm mainly interested in the performance of the water cooling part, since I could easily buy the case for less.



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