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I Reached 186*f!


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Hi! I am new to OCC. I have some issues with my home built special.

I am running an

-Athlon XP 2200+

-512 MB DDR PCXXX (don't know yet)

-XFX GeForce FX5200 w/ 128Mb DDR

-Thermaltake HSF (can't remember... came with mobo. It is colored mostly black.)

-Netgear MA311 802.11b WIFI PCI

-ATI TV WonderPro

-56k Fax/Modem (LOL! backup!)

-"20GB" Maxtor 91531U3 (8.30GB WinXP SP2/7.55GB Mandrake Linux 10 Non Functional)

-20 GB Western Digital WD200BB-32CXA0 (Games)

-External 120GB Maxtor 6Y120P0 in an I/O Magic External Enclosure (USB 2.0)

-Sony 52x24x52 CD-RW

-Toshiba Toshiba SD-R5272 [8X DVD-R speed, 4X DVD-RW speed, 8X DVD+R speed, 4X DVD+RW speed, 40X CD read speed, 32X CD-R speed, 10X CD-RW speed; ATAPI]

Powered by a [forgot the name] 500W PS


-2 Thermaltake Smart Case Fan II

-Generic VGA "orb" chipset cooler (blue)

-Kingwin TC-02S Thermal Center (Silver)

All enclosed in a beige Antec Solution SLK1600


Aside making this piece of junk work, I have done NO mods to it yet.


I am planning on adding a blue case window with 120mm blowhole on the side from www.frozencpu.com and a 120mm Thermaltake 4 LED cooling fan with a standard chromed fan guard.


Being the first time using a Dremel tool, I will have a friend lead the way (he has done woodwork and can hold a tool steady! Unlike me a freakin' KLUTZ :P


I also plan on finding my original Thermaltake 80mm fan guards and cutting the stock ventilation holes and creating more airflow.


Why is it running too hot?!? I will be cleaning the dust out tomorrow after classes and possibly gathering some cabling and pulling it "aside"


right now... MBM is telling me my Case is at 93*F and my CPU is running QUITE HOT AT 159*F. This computer is at idle or at about 2%.


When playing GTA3 last week, my computer engaged in thermal shutdown when it reached an amazing 187.5*F (about 87*C). I completed shutdown, opened my case and let it rest for 3 hours to make sure everything was okay.


Does my plan of action sound good? Any other issues that I should address?


I know that these temps are rediculuously high for an Athlon XP 2200+. Any insight would be very helpful.

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Wow... how hot are ambient temps in your house? Here it's pretty hot, but nothing like that. What's your vcore set at in the BIOS. I'm not sure what stock is on those but it should be around 1.5. Make sure your heatsink is on right, possibly reseat it. Also make sure you've got the right motherboard loaded in MBM, what does your BIOS temps say? Good luck!

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Try reinstalling the heatsink with some arctic silver 5 thermal paste if you can get your hands on it asap, otherwise use any thermal paste but reseat that heat sink!



Your heatsink is not properly seated.


Get some Artic Silver (or any silver thermal compound), scrape the thermal pad off of your heatsink with a credit card, clean it and the proc core, then follow directions on applying the silver compound and reseat your heatsink. With your case temp around 93F a cpu temp over 50C (120F) at idle indicates a problem. You may need to remove your MOBO and remount your heatsink while looking at it from the side to make sure you mount the heatsink properly lining up the socket "hump".


Welcome to OCC.

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All of these are very helpful. For the time being, my computer is off... I turned it off this morning... My mom is complaining about a "burning smell" from my room. It definitely is my computer, but I am unsure what it could be.


I do have Arctic Silver Thermal Paste and did use some on the last reseating.


Properly aligning the HSF with the "hump" I am not sure how to do that. I always thought that it didn't matter where the "clip release" was positioned.


This CPU is a pain in the _ to reseat because it is not the traditional "tool-less" clip. I have to use a screwdriver and push down and pry inwards to get the clip to grab on to the ZIF socket's side.


The HSF fan is blowing at around 1800 - 2200 rpm and I am unsure about the Vcore temp. I'll check that out when I return home.


I will be removing lots of dust tonight when I have the time.


When you speak of the thermal pad, are you talking about the round "cylinders" on all 4 corners of the CPU? :unsure:


My dad is kind of a cheapskate. He keeps the house temp around 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit and my room is always the coolest in the winter and Hottest in the summer. My computer is in a computer desk with the back panel removed and soon to have a section of the side removed for better airflow via my soon to come 120mm fan.

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Right now, I am not overclocked and I am not going to until I get a solution for this unfortunate heat situation. Once I get everything "cooled off" I am going to possibly ask for a 2800+ for christmas in addition to the fan, window, chrome grille and paint!


If your computer is not painted / modified in some way, it is truly NOT YOUR COMPUTER.

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