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Asus A8v Problem Need Help!111eleventyone

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ok i just built comp but when it starts to boot up i just get one long beep and a no vga signal although everything else seems to be fine

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that sounds just like what happened to me. i bought a 3500+ and an Asus A8V deluxe i get everything installed and it looks and sounds like it is working but i get nothing on the screen and no error messages. i check to see if it would tell me if i did something wrong so i took out all my ram and it beeped error. so i had to rma both of those products back because i was worried on which one might have been broken. maybee this is a common thing with asus boards?

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my a7n8x gave me an issue too. fried a vid card and a stick of ram. rma'd that.


also, if you take the ram out, it should beep. that means there's no memory. if you're testing the board and memory, you should test it with one stick in it. here's the award beep codes:




1 Normal

2 CMOS error

1 long 1 short DRAM/MOBO error

1 long 2 short Monitor /AGP error

1 long 3 short Keyboard

1 long 9 short BIOS

Continuous long beep DRAM error

Continuos short beep Power error


it sounds like the ram wasn't plugged in correctly, is a wrong brand or is dead in the OP's case. that asus board is really picky about ddr400 ram(pc3200) and i don't think they have support for higher speeds.

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alrite, i found out that the long beep meant that there was no power goin in to my 6800 gt. But i found out that the asus a8v does not support the new 90nm chips that came out. But Asus has a an pdated bios which u can get off their site. but rite now we r attempting to do a blind bios flash, but we r encountering probs such as no floppy drive activity, if u have any clue y this is happening plz help. also we tried 2 diff floppy drives, both installed correctly, but still no activity so i cant boot from a disk and such. Specs below:


Asus A8V Deluxe

64 bit 3200 90nm

Corsair TwinX 3200C2PT-1024

PNY Geforce 6800 GT

80gig Seagate SATA 7200


some random 450W psu i got for $25

NEC 12X dvd burner

Super Lanboy case

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