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Networking Problems :(

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Hi everyone, ive got a problem with networking, when I link 2 or more computers together they cant see each other over a network, I am able to ping the other computers and play games over a network, could it have something to do with diffrent operating programs ? (some of the machines are running windowas me and the others are running windows 98).

if anyone could help with this problem id be very greatfull :)

and recently ive heard diffrent things about internet browsers like firefox, does anyone use a diffrent browser to internet explorer? and if there any good or should i stick with the standard?


Many thanks



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Can you go into RUN on the start menu and then type in \\IP address of machine ? This will allow you to hopefully go directly to the other computer. If they are on different workgroups, it will show them not able to see each other in My Network Places first off, you'd first have to go up one level then choose a different workgroup.

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in addition to making sure all the workgroups are identical, you will probably have to make sure that each computer is sharing something for it to appear in Windows Explorer

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Well it sounds to me like you haven't selected IP's manually for each computer, so the computers most likely have defaulted to a 169.254.x.x address. This is *fine* for two people connected via a crossover cable who aren't connected to the internet that are just playing games, since they both ARE on the same subnet, and they CAN talk to each other.


You don't HAVE to select manual IP address's for each computer, but it's an option if you'd like to have them the same all the time.


To see what your IP address is on Windows XP (general way)...

Start->Network Connections->Double Click "Local Area Connection"->Support Tab-> IP Address.

Note: If you are using a classic start menu, it'd be Start->Settings->Network Connections.


If you both have 169.254 addresses, you should be able to play some games together, although it's not supreme for file sharing, or anything like that.


To setup manual IP's in Windows XP, it's basically the same thing as to show them, except you RIGHT click on the "Local Area Connection" in network connections, and you click properties.


In properties, you click on the "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" selection in the white box, and then click Properties. In there, it should be easy to find where to type in a...

-Ip Address

-Subnet Mask

-Default Gateway


For these, as an example which you could use...

Ip address for machine one would be

IP address for machine two would be

Machine three's ip would be, etc etc..


Subnet Mask would be


Default Gateway should be blank.


Try this out. Once you set this up, if you don't see the other computer showing up in windows file sharing places, then welcome to the world of SMB. You might see it there sometimes, sometimes not. You should ALWAYS be able to access his file sharing, as LobbDogg said, by going to the start menu, clicking run there. In the run dialog, type \\192.168.0.x . x ovcourse being whatever his number is.


There ya go :) Hope it makes sence.

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