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Hp Sux--can Some One Help

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not 100% sure where this should go but since it is windows related figured Id try here.


Ok like a butt earlier this year we purchased a new HP comp.

as there new ones are it has the stupid recovery partition.


Im getting a new mobo next week and Ive learned I'll need to reinstall windows.

the only disks that contain windows that HP will provide me with(which I already have)

are the recovery disks,no good since they have all the built in crap, and a HP Windows console disk which does no good as they removed the EULA from it.


Ive called HP and Microsoft today to get a Windows XP home install disk. HP sent me threw 3 dif support services then to microsoft, and micro sent me back to HP.

Microsoft says my comp came from HP so HP is who I need to get an install disk from.

the last person I talked to at HP says it is impossable for them to provide an install disk as they dont have them only prebundled restoration disks.


Can any one help me? anyone have an extra XP Home install disk they could send me? or can someone tell me how to get around this prob?


All I want to do is use an OS that imop I have a right to use! so if anyone can help me but want prof Im not pirating I'll gladly provide it. I can provide a pic of my Microsoft COA(with key blanked out) and of my HP disks which are all clearly labeled windows XP Home.

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