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Hardware Suggestions For A Noob?


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Okay, I'm currently running an Athlon XP 2700 on an ASUS A7VX-X MB. But after a little research I bought a DFI ultra infinity-ii and XP3200.


My question is wether or not I'd be better off for 3d gaming with the 3200XP or an upgrade to a K8NS-pro with an Athlon64 3000.


I know the 3000 is a little less clockspeed but I have access to that if I want it.


Also which could I get the most gain out of with overclocking?




Another question is about my HDD. Its terrible, some WD400 40gig that came out of a dell. I just ordered a SATA and am not sure how difficult they are to install and how much of a performance gain I may get? (Its a 7200 RPM)


(In case it helps I'm currently using PC2700 RAM but will upgrade to PC3200 shortly, and a GeForce5600 <----Lame)


I'd appreciate any help if youre still awake after reading this.

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