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Which Motherboard To Buy

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I'll be ordering my new case tomarrow, in 2 weeks I'll be ordering my new motherboard.

Im asking now so I have plenty of time to make my mind up.


Ive got an AMD Athlon XP 3000+ @ 2.16ghz(actualy runs at 2.15)

Im just wanting to oc it a little, not go nuts with it lol. maybe 2.5 or a little higher.


there are 3 boards Im considering.


1. DFI "NFII 400-AL"




3. Gigabyte "GA-7NF-RZ"


at this time Im leaning more tword 2 and 3 as Im new to ocing and they have a windows ocing app, and of those two more tword 2 as it has the nForce 400 ultra chip set.

I have also noticed alot of you seem to realy like DFI so Im at a stumped point.

what do you all think

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