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How Are These Mobos?

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using a intel celeron 1.7 (socket 478) and i wanna upgrade the mobo so i can upgrade to a better processor in the near future. these are a few that i'm looking at:








i'm planning on using the 1.7 until i can save up for a p4 with HT, and who knows if the EEs go down, i'll go for one of those.


Oh and i also plan on using the mobo for overclocking, which should be a given since i'm posting on these forums XD

and i wanna continue using my radeon 9700 pro all in wonder along with my ultra ata/100 7200 rpm 120 gig eide western digital hard drive.


oh if you have any other hard drives beside the ones i listed let me know. i'll probably try to buy them off ebay or zipzoomfly or newegg, never again from tigerdirect

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