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Windows "backup" Using Xp Home


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When using XP Pro and Win2K you might have noticed in the Start-Programs-Accessories-System tools location that there is a "Backup" program shortcut.


Well in windows XP Home this "shortcut" is not available. Here is how to MAKE IT AVAILABLE AND FUNCTIONAL:


Insert your XP Home CD into the drive of your choice and go to this location on the disk (cancel out of the autostart install menu screen):



(X:\ is a variable - to which you should select the drive letter manually)


Open the program listed as "NTBACKUP.MSI" which will guide you through the installation process.


Now when you go to the "System Tools" location in your start menu, you will notice that it has an icon towards the bottom of the list called "Backup" ^_^ HURRAH


now you can back up some, most, or all of your entire computers drive including system state - nice huh???


ty ty ty - dont applaud - throw money ^_^

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