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Have You Tried Opera?


Have You Tried Opera Web Browser?  

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Last weeks poll had more votes in it than I can remember ever seeing in a poll. Almost 150 people voted.


While the Official OCC Polls will not always be related, or even have something to do with technology, I wanted to continue this week.


As many know, I am a fan of the Opera web browser. I know we have a few other die hard fans as well, but I wanted to ask the same question I asked about Firefox last week. Have you ever tried Opera? Yes or No. I'm not asking if you still use it, only if you have ever tried it.


Remember, this is not to debate what browser is better. If you wish to do that, please do so in the Browser War threads.

Browser Wars - Windows

Browser Wars - Linux



OCC Polls will run for about a week, and then will be closed.





Opera 7.60 Preview 1 (Beta - Free)

Opera 7.54 (Final - Free)

Purchase Opera

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the banner is stupd.. i tried it.. and it was very slow to me.. firefox is alot faster for me.. but then again.. i hope to be using safari soon ;) but i dont like the idea of a program then the windows floteing around in the program. .reminds me to much of AOL :(

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I have loved Opera from the first time I played with it... I don't get pop-ups I don't want, I use mouse gestures instead of buttons as the norm, and now with the 7.6 beta... Well, just look...




NOTE: I did not modify Opera, Gmail, or anything else in regards to how I got this to work... I just have my browser identify itself as Opera instead of IE (otherwise the buttons don't work) :)


EDIT: I linked the pic instead because it was too big

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