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Noob Oc-er With P4b266


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Hi all,


I'm really new to ocing... so please bear with me.

First of, my specs:


p4b266 rev 2 bios 1010

1.6a Willamante

stock cooling - i guess :)

256 DDR 2700 - no name i guess

inno gf3 ti 200


i got this buil recently, from components bought second hand :)

of courese i started documenting for ocing....

what i doo is i try to run defalut volt and going up on fsb


i'm stabel on 123 fsb (prime95 torture, pcmarck, 3dmark) but nothing above...

on 125 i get bsod in plain windows...


i use motherbord monitor 5:

idle cpu temp: arround 25c

prime torture test cpu temp gets up to 42-43c

cpu fan always betven 4150 - 4250

video fan around 5600



in jumper free mode, when ocing from bios, i cant set agp/pci frec. ? is it locked? how can i check it?


if i use switches, than i can set agp/pci bus but can't give more vcore.... :(


so i'm afraid doing it from bios till i cant check agp\pci bus... have anny idea?


would it be a good idea to get a nortwood cpu? (i would get something at the same speed) i read some bad reviews...


how could i find out specs for the ram.


Thanks in advance, and keep up the good job :)

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