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What Do I Do, What Do I Do?


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Okay, I have a problem?(I love these kinds of problems)

I came into some cash so I have to decide what to get--


1. Evga 6800 gt--$399

2. PNY 6800 gt-normally wouldn't go for a PNY but I have a $229 credit at CompUSA, and

they only carry the PNY. so I could get that one for about $200 with the TAP

3. Just get an MSI K8n Platinum and athlon 64 3000+--$149+$199

(all prices are at local stores, I know they're cheaper online, but I want something today)


My sig is below.

How much more performance will I get from the 9800 with the 64-bit setup? I know that the

6800 gt just smokes the 9800, but my 9800 does okay for the amount of gaming I do. I am

so confused, what would you do?

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