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Installing Mandrake 10.1


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i cant seem to be able to install mandrake on my machine at all


the windows autorun program on the cd only will link to websites and not installing


if i boot up from the cd, it starts up fine then it gets an error "cd rom not detected" then it wants me to insert a floppy disk with drivers on it


i dont know what they are talking about for drivers

and if i go ahead and bypass everything, it asks where to install from, floppy, cdrom, http, hard drive, etc

if i attempt to go the hard drive route, where is the best place to drop the disk image at?

if i go with the net install, well i dont know all my info to do that

asks for my ip addy and the destination ip addy

i dont know of any destinations to connect to in the frist place


any help would be great


in the mean time, ill see what answers google will find for me

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