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Tech Support Is So Much Fun


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My buddy had this phone call today ...we work for Sprint ..people are too smart for their own good


A customer calls in, and he says "I can't connect" I said: ok, I am sorry for the problem I will be glad to fix it for you.

I asked: What version of windows are you using?

Customer replies: I don't know!

I asked: Are you in front of your computer?

Customer: Yes!

I asked: Do you see the start button?

Customer: Yes!

I asked: What color is it?

Customer: Green!

Ok, so you have windows XP, right? Customer says: Yes!

Ok, I said: can you please push on the start button and go to the control panel? Customer can't find the control panel. I asked: When you push the start button, do you see a menu?

Customer: NO!

Ok, what do you see when you push the start button?

Customer: I only see some numbers 00:00.

Ok, do you have any windows open in your computer?

Customer: Yes!

Can you please close those windows?

Customer: Ok I closed the window.

Now, when you push the start button, what comes up on your screen?

Customer: The same numbers again!!!

At this point the customer is getting very frustrated and screaming at me!!! I asked: Mr. Customer, can you please describe to me your computer?

Customer: The screen is black and the sides are white, and this is where I warm up my food. This customer was sitting in front of his microwave, the start button was green and the microwave door was open.


I had to push the mute button for a while until I regain myself and then I asked the customer to go where his computer is.

Customer: well, I don't now what that is!!!

Customer: My 6 years old son told me that the Internet was not working!


This actually happened to me. "

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