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so i just installed this Gigabyte motherboard with an a64 cpu(which will remain nameless for legal reasons for now), in the bios, before the flash to the latest it read cpu temp 1c, figured it was due to not being latest bios, flashed to newest, now doesn't show temp at all, listed as "-", installed the ET4 software that came with this motherboard, it shows cpu temp at 255c ???


motherboard monitor does not support this board yet, so just how the heck might i figure out what temp it is? this is a review setup so i am not investing in any new equipment, just wanted to be able to comment on what temp these new cpu's run at, but so far, they wont be getting a good review from me, not to mention the pc3200 matched pair will not run in dual channel mode, only if i put them in dimm 1&3 or 2&4, wont post when dimms are in dimm slots 1&2 or 3&4 !!!


cant get this thing to overclock either, hit ctrl-F1 in bios to access advanced settings, change multi or fsb, save it, reboot, shows increased fsb on post screen, but neither sandra 04, cpuz or the gigabyte software detect the cpu as running oc'd, still says it is running at stock speed !!!

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