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Noob Needs To Find The Jumper

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hello. first post!


i've just recently got into oc'ing and have only oc'ed my nvidia fx5500 so far. i'm dying to oc my cpu but the options are hidden in bios. i read elsewhere that people with my cpu (p4 1.6ghz) solved this problem by switching the jumper off on their mobo. i have no clue what the thing looks like and since its a manufactured comp, i dont have the mobo manual. its an intel d845pt. can anyone point me in the right direction?


i'm going to be using the stock fan/sink so how far do you guys think i'll be able to push it? i installed a more powerful 80mm fan in the rear, another in the front, and a pci exhaust fan sitting under the agp.


complete system info:


p4 1.6ghz (i dont know the core) @ 4x100mhz FSB, 256kb L2, stock fan/sink

512mb ddr2100 (256x2)

nvidia fx5500 256mb oc'ed to 335/500mhz

40gb 7200rpm hd

3 fans + exhaust


temp: 30C/29C idle, 33-35C/33-35C full load.


thanks !

good day.

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