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Well, I Learn The Hardway!

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All geared up for a lan party this weekend, went to play UT04 and after maybe 3 hours my system got extremly hot!


Come to find out the dangerden black ice radiator must be mounted with barbs on top not bottem.


this sucks, means I break down my box again and remount, rewater test... heck I'll be out of com till monday!


gesssh, this sucks... I might just go buy another radiator, seems pretty bad for a radiator to me...

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I didn't think it mattered what way the barbs were, I always had mine at the top anyway though... I think... can't remember. Mine started leaking, I have a grudge against black ice rads now :) Not worth the money, get yourself a Dual HeaterCore for half the price of a BIX :)

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