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Front Ports

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OK, I have a gigabyte 2004 rz series mobo and I have just purchased a new case. I am trying to connect the front USB and sound ports on it to my mobo but am unsure how and the manual did not help me. The case has two front usb's and a mic in and headphones socket. Any ideas, i have pics but not sure how to post them. Also, here is the name of the cables in order:






- GND 2


- DATA +2


- DATA -2


- VCC 2


- GND 1


- DATA +1


- DATA -1


- VCC 1












- L IN








- R IN




Thanks guys...

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My second computer has leads a little like that. Uh... I remember it took me a while to get it all figured out. Does your motherboard have front panel things? On my NF7's in the manual I think it's labelled FPIO. Your motherboard manual might tell you what pins you're looking for?

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