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Highest Oc With Hypx And 3.0


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What are some good timings for some kingston pc-3200 hyperx dchannel 256x2


also does anyone have a spark7+ heatsink on a p4 3.0c sl6wu in a dfi lanparty 875pe tell me your highest oc

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Is your HyperX BH-5, or CH-5?


I have used both 2x256 and 2x512MB PC3200, and I will break my results down for you:


CH-5 HyperX


I seemed to hit the 250FSB wall whenever I used my CH-5 HyperX. Alot of guys expierence this, and it's still being worked on. Both chips maxed out at 250FSB. I ran a 5:4 divider, so the mem was still in spec. I can't remeber the exact timings, but I remember they wouldn't allow much tightening.


BH-5 HyperX


With my trusty sets of BH-5 HyperX, I was able to OC my chips to their limits of just over 4GHz and 3.8GHz. The mem scores were great, even on a 5:4 divider. Timings were kept to 2-2-2-5, and voltage ranged anywhere from 2.8v - 3.5v.


* Both cases were run with the exact same hardware except for the RAM. The motherboard used was a stock Abit IC7-Max3.


** My SL6WK chip did just over 4GHz and my SL6WU chip topped out a hair over 3.8GHz. This does not mean that yours will run this high, as I hand-pick my CPUs for OC'ing ability. Please use them for the RAM reference only, as every chip is different.

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