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Might Sell My Main Rig


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hello guys, im not for sure going to sell it yet but want to let people know im thinking of it. within the last month i have been having serious personal problems and am getting mixed up into stuff i shouldnt be and i have pretty much lost interest in everything, yes even computers. i really havent had a need for my pc in the last few months as i havent been to a lan in months.


the specs are in the sig....but i have made some changes to it...i no longer have the 80gb hdd in it...it is a 20gb wd hdd now.


i also got a new psu, it is a powmax 600wt redundant power supply...(dual 300wt in one unit).

i have a gf4 mx 440se (pci 64mb) as a secondary Videocard. (yes the 9800 pro is still in it.)

i only have 512mb of pc2700 ram (kingston valueram) with thermaltake memory cooling kit.

it has a volcano11+ extreme hsf on the cpu. It has 3 12in blue ccfl lights 1 red and 1 uv. 5 blue 80mm led fans and 1 on the outside of the psu...


this is the most recent piuc i have....i have since added more lights, the fan on the side is different and that is the old psu. There is also a memory cooling kit on the ram now too.

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