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X800 Woes


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Greetings everyone.


I recently purchased an ATI x800 pro. I had to screw around with drivers and installation techniques for an hour or so before I got the correct set of drivers installed and working. Most drivers would install, but they would lock my refresh rate for my desktop at 60hz, which ruins my eyes.


Anyways, I finally get the Cat 4.9s installed and without the refresh rate bug, and I get to benchmarking. I can manage a 10,000 with my system, which is decent. I usually run the clocks so I get a 9500 or so with 3dMark 2003. I noticed recently, though, that the textures in several games appear very blurry up close and lack definition that they had while using my old 9700 non-Pro card. This is pretty evident in games like Dawn of War and Battlefield 1942.


The card, as far as I can tell, is installed properly and so are the drivers.


So I take a look in the 3d section of the Control panel, and make sure all my settings are at max. Max Textures and Mipmaps, max Anisotropy. All are maxed, but the problem still persists. Its like the textures are set on Medium, though my Control Panel says they are on Highest.


I think it may have something to do with my drivers. I would dump a DXDiag here but thats a lot of spam.


Athalon XP3000+

2x256 Crucial DDR 266, 1x512 Corsair DDR 266

SB Audigy 2 ZS

ATI x800 AGP (8x, DX9c, Catalyst 4.9s)

Viewsonic A70f


If anyone can help me out here, I would appreciate it. I want to love the x800 but it seems like its getting its speed from cutting the texture quality in half. I will post a screen to illustrate what I'm seeing.


I have all the settings in Dawn of War AND Battlefield 1942 (the only games I really play anymore) up all the way and I'm still getting stuck with poor texture quality. I KNOW the x800 has the ability to do so much better, but I can't seem to think what to do.

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I see you have a Battlegroup pic in your sig. Sure I'll get a screenshot right now.


As you can see the textures are really poor. They look alright from distance, but up close the blurry hits hard.

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I see what you mean now, the floor should have a lot more definition. And everything's maxxed. That's odd. I've never seen that before. I guess I would try messing with more drivers, I dunno. Try Omega drivers, see if anything changes.


-I see you got a knife kill there. :lol:

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