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my name is Mashed P Gravy and i approve this message....lol


but seriously, i have found another "tech related site" and thought some of you may be interested in dropping by, just consider this an invitation to share your knowledge, especially you AMD guys


i have been keeping the front page news updated for them and i am fixing to do a few hardware reviews on some upcoming new well, can't really say, it's still under an NDA, so check back in a week or two for those, i'll post a link here if the mods don't mind


not trying to steal away anyone, just sharing and trying to help a relatively small site (compared to this one) get a little more traffic, come on by anytime, if you see news you think is hot, post it in the forums under news, i'll make sure it hits the front page if it makes the screening process, so drop on by and post your questions or help others with their problems, it may seem slow now, but the more we can get the better it will be


this is in no stretch of the imagination trying to take away from OCC, only done with the best of intentions



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