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Can You Guys Help Me Out?


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Was just asked today to toss a system together. The system needs to do hit the 20k mark in 3dmark2001se and 10k on 3dmark03.


I got $400 and a case, psu, cdrom, hard drive... So actualy I need a mobo/ram/cpu/gpu..


Can this be done?

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oh come on!


I have been bragging to all my local friends that you guys are gods here....



come on... not up to the challenge?


;) I said the same thing, My quote was $700 minimum... Yea $400 for video and $300 for mobo/cpu/ram.


Don't you love these friends we <all> have that expect us to part the red sea on command?




well maybe close...





Just under $500 ($480)... Might come close to 10k... what do ya think?

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yeah $400 is possible... but you'd have to be like a p0rn star... and also female... and also know a hardware wholesaler who usually trades in bulk but was willing to make an exception in return for a few favours...




edit: omfg, i'll help you out right now, don't buy that sack of ship ecs-via puke-inducing contraption! and who runs games on 256MB ram while expecting high benches? i guess it's possible, but i wouldn't even wanna run XP just surfing/emailing/winamp-ing with less than 512MB ram...


man, ecs... come aaahn flagg...

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