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Wow.... My 6800 Gt Is Being Really Gay!


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I exchanged my BFG 6800 for a 6800 GT and now the GT is skipping hugely on all my games.... It will stop animation for around 15+ seconds then start back for a second and then do it again and again and again...


I called BFG and he thinks it's a software driver issue.... but I don't see how cause the 6800 from the same company ran fine.....


I reformated my HD and am now downloading 3d mark 03 again to test, but I don't think it fixed anything....


I had all the updated drivers installed last time before teh reformat....


I have a MSI Neo2 platinum mobo and AMD64 3500+


I don't know what to do... should I exchange the card?



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Did you totally delete the previous drivers? Do that and then reinstall the 6800Gt drivers.


Also try disabling everything in startup in msconfig

I reformated there is nothing here.... and I tried that a dozen times using Driver cleaner 3 and uninstalling with the latest driver....


I'll try the msconfig if 3d mark is still skippin like crazy

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Have you tried disabling the AGP fast writes in BIOS? Which NForce Drivers are you using? Which PSU do you use, and do you have the card on its own PSU line?


I really don't think its the card. Some people are having major trouble getting nvidia 6 series cards working right on the Neo2. I would check out their website and look for some clues there.

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reinstll Nvidia driver...? works ok for me. Just you kknow to repair it??? or something... DX9?(not sure.) just try. =p

I've done that a thousand times.....


I installed all the updated mobo drivers and everything before it didn't do jack .....


it's not heat related.... I think it might be power related..... but I don't understand it... I have a MFG or something 500 watt PSU.....


I have the GT on it's own PSU cable and the HD on the other...


I think it could be that the HD is not getting enough power.....


What happens is the HD stops running.... like the LED indictor is just off.... and the HD stops making sounds and spinning and starts again after 5-10 seconds........ I don't know how big I have to go.... I don't understand why the power is getting drained if that's the problem....


EDIT: this is my PSU http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc....-167-009&depa=0

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