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What To Buy (painting Materials)


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I want to paint my drives / front bezel (plastic) and the alluminum tops and sides. Alright... so my question is what kind of Sand paper, Primer, and Paint do I need to buy.


and just to make sure, the right painting procedure is




(repeat 2 or 3 times)



(repeat 3 or 4 times)

clear coat


(repeat 2 times)


does this procedure change at all when doing it on plastic?


I've never done this before so be bear w/ me =P

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well, it really depends on:

a ) How many coats you put on

b ) How thick the coats are


Also, i THINK, that spray paint says how much it will cover...i think, i'm not to sure.

If i were you, i would just buy a few cans, and see how far it gets me...if worse comes to worse, i would just buy more paint ;)

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I would count on two cans of paint, two cans of clearcoat, and a can of primer. How good it's going to look will depend on how much sanding you want to do. Try to get one of those multi-packs of sandpaper at the auto parts store. The grits you really need are 400, 600, 800, 1000, and 1500. You can even go to 2000 if you want.


Here's what I did:


Sand down the old finish to where it's smooth-you can use 200 or 320 grit and finish it up to 400.


Get a good coat of primer on. Let it dry and sand it to 600.


Lay down your paint in multiple thin coats-don't gob it on, it could sag, run, and/or take forever to dry.


If you're using metalflake paint, don't sand the paint. You'll sand off a bunch of the cool looking flakes. For solid colors sanding is good. For metallic paints you sand the clearcoat.


So put the clearcoat on the metallic paint and sand between coats-wetsand that is. What worked for me was using successively finer grits after each coat of clearcoat was dry. You can do the same thing with solid colors, and with clearcoat on top of the solid colors.


After sanding up to 2000 grit, I used 3M rubbing compound to take off any sanding marks, and car wax to get the final gloss.


Mine came out pretty well:


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